Saturday, September 24th, 2022

PD Discussion

This PD Discussion is devoted to teachers’ motivation to engage in professional development. You may offer opinions and share strategies. We are especially interested in ensuring that the database is complete, and you are welcome to recommend resources that should be added.


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  1. Stuart K says:

    Welcome to the discussion of teacher motivation for PD. As indicated, its purpose is to provide a forum, as well as an opportunity to add to the database by suggesting resources (e.g. articles, technical reports) that are related in some way to the topic. We consider the database an evolving source of information on this critical topic.

    Furthermore, your input will assist MSP-MAP II as our project devises better ways to assess teacher motivation to participate and be engaged in PD. Our task is to produce several survey instruments for that purpose, and we invite interested MSPs to partner with us during the development process. As a consequence you can be among the first to gather information about your teachers that could prove valuable during the PD design phase or its evaluation.

    Once again, welcome!

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