Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Student Ratings of the Teacher or Class – Academic Press

  1. Our teacher asks us to explain how we got our answers in math.
  2. When we’ve figured out how to do a math problem, our teacher gives us more challenging problems.
  3. Our math teacher doesn’t let us get away with doing easy work, but really makes us think.
  4. Our math teacher presses us to do thoughtful work.
  5. Our math teacher accepts nothing less than our full effort.
  6. When we solve a problem in math, our teacher tells us to keep trying without giving up right away.
  7. Our math teacher makes sure that the work we do really makes us think.
  8. Our math teacher pushes us to take on challenging work.
  9. In math class, when we give answers we have to show we understand.

It is recommended that these items be used on a 7-point scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following options: Not at all true (0), Somewhat true (3), and Very true (6).

The response scale for these items was anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with these anchors: Not at all true, Somewhat true, and Very true.