Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Student Ratings of the Teacher or Class – Scales and Sample Items

Teacher Support

Teacher Caring
Our math teacher cares about how we feel.

Teacher Fairness and Respect
Our math teacher wants students in this class to respect each others’ ideas.

Teacher Support for Collaboration
Our math teacher encourages us to share ideas with one another in class.

Teacher Support for Help-Seeking
Our math teacher encourages us to ask questions when we do not understand.

Teacher Focus on Student Success

Academic Press
Our math teacher makes sure that the work we do really makes us think.

• Teacher Expectations for Class Success
My teacher thinks all students can learn.

Classroom Achievement Goal Structure

In our math class, it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you are learning.

Performance Approach
In our math class, it’s important to get higher scores on tests than other students.

Performance Avoid
In our math class, it’s important that you don’t make mistakes in front of everyone.

Situational Interest

My math teacher is exciting.

What we are learning in math class this year is fascinating to me.

What we are studying in math class is useful for me to know.

Student Perceived Parental Involvement


• Family Values Math
According to my family, it is important for me to be able to think and reason mathematically.

• Family Confidence in Student’s Math Ability
My family tells me I can learn math.

• Family Norms
My family expects me to continue with math in the future.

• Mastery Achievement Goal Emphasis
According to my family, the main goal in math is for me to learn as much as I can.

• Performance Achievement Goal Emphasis
My family wants me to get better grades than other students.

• Family Encouragement for Academic Risk-Taking
My family would like me to do challenging math problems, even if I make mistakes.

Support for Learning

• Family Support for Student Self-Regulation
People in my family encourage me to go through the book and my class notes to find the most important ideas.

• Family Role Construction
According to my family, it is not their job to help me when I have difficulty in math.

• Homework Monitoring
During this school year, how often has someone in your family asked you about your math homework?


• Help Giver Competence
If I needed help with my math homework, my family would know how to help me.

• Family-Teacher Communication
During this school year, how often has someone in your family asked your math teacher how you are doing?