Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Student Personal Beliefs & Behaviors – Personal Goal Orientation: Performance Approach

  1. In math, doing better than other students is important to me.
  2. My goal in math is to look smarter than other students.
  3. One of my goals is to show others that math is easy for me.
  4. It’s important to me that others think I am good at doing math.
  5. My goal in math is to do better than other students.

It is recommended that these items be used on a 7-point scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following options: Not at all true for me (0), Somewhat true for me (3), and Very true for me (6).

Descriptive Statistics:

Sample Items Alpha Mean Stan. Dev. Skewness

Middle School
.84 2.65 1.01 .48
High School
.82 2.83 1.07 .21

.84 2.56 1.04 .38