Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Math PD Survey (During PD Version): Teacher and Administrative Involvement

We would like to learn about your experiences in the __________ program thus far. In particular, we would like to know how you assess the contents, format and other features, and the impact of this PD. For each of the items, please rate the extent to which the following statement is true for you.

In this PD …

  1. Teachers in my school play lead roles in its delivery.
  2. Other teachers in my school are participating.
  3. There is social and emotional engagement with colleagues.
  4. The principal and other school administrators are participating with teachers.
  5. The superintendent and other district administrators are participating with teachers.
  6. There are opportunities for professional networking.
  7. Teachers are treated respectfully as professionals.
  8. Other __________________________

It is recommended that these items be used with a 7-point response scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following terms: Not at all true, Somewhat true, and Completely true.

Descriptive Statistics: