Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Student Ratings of the Teacher or Class – Classroom Goal Structure: Performance Avoid

  1. In our math class, it’s important that you don’t make mistakes in front of everyone.
  2. In our math class, it’s important not to look dumb.
  3. In our math class, showing others that you are not bad in math is really important.
  4. In our math class, it’s important not to do worse than other students.
  5. In our math class, one of the main goals is to avoid looking like you can’t do the work.

It is recommended that these items be used on a 7-point scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following options: Not at all true (0), Somewhat true (3), and Very true (6).

Descriptive Statistics:

Sample Items Alpha Mean Stan. Dev. Skewness

Middle School
.83 2.09 .93 .77
High School
.81 2.41 1.04 .52

.83 2.21 .98 .68