Monday, January 26th, 2015

Teacher Scales and Sample Items – Teacher Support for Situational Interest: General

  1. I design tasks and activities that make math class entertaining.
  2. I use instructional techniques designed to grab students’ attention in math.
  3. I use puzzles or games in math.
  4. I use humor to engage students during math class.
  5. I use instructional techniques that show students that mathematics is a fascinating domain.
  6. I design tasks and projects so that students can find enjoyment in solving mathematical problems.
  7. My math lessons highlight the intriguing nature of the field of mathematics.
  8. I include activities that demonstrate the usefulness of mathematics.
  9. I use projects and tasks where students must use mathematics to solve everyday problems.
  10. I design tasks and projects that encourage students to make connections between mathematics and the real world.

It is recommended that these items be used on a 5-point scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following options: Not at all true, Somewhat true, and Very true.

Descriptive Statistics:

Alpha Mean Stan. Dev.

Wave 4
.89 3.3 .70 .18