Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Teacher Scales and Sample Items – Mastery-Oriented Instructional Practices

  1. I emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes.
  2. I encourage students to find several ways to solve each problem.
  3. I give students opportunities to think about how they have improved their skills or understanding.
  4. I tell my students that learning should be fun.
  5. I make a special effort to recognize students’ individual progress.
  6. I stress to students that it is important to understand each concept, not just get the right answer.

It is recommended that these items be used on a 5-point scale that is anchored at the endpoints and in the middle with the following options: Not at all true, Somewhat true, and Very true.

Descriptive Statistics:

Alpha Mean Stan. Dev.

Wave 1
.66 4.1 .63 -.72
Wave 3
.73 4.2 .54 -.53
Wave 4
.77 4.1 .58 -.33